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Every client has a story.

A Sentencing Mitigation Video allows your client to show the Judge his remorse, acceptance of responsibility for his actions, and pledges that he will not be a threat to the community in the future.

A Sentencing Mitigation Video allows your client to tell his story to the Judge privately, without the pressure of having to perform in an intimidating courtroom setting, without public onlookers. A Sentencing Mitigation Video enables the Judge to see the character witnesses, to look into their eyes, to determine that your client is more than just another Sentencing Guidelines number.


Sentencing Mitigation Videos are submitted to the Judge accompanied by the Defense   Sentencing Memorandum approximately two weeks before the scheduled sentencing hearing. The Prosecution and Probation Department also get an identical copy of the Sentencing Video at the same time.


To show the Judge that your client is a real person, not just a Sentencing Guidelines number.

To give the Judge a real understanding of all the mitigating issues affecting your client’s life; mental health, familial, physical health, religious, and financial.

To enable the Judge to see your client’s genuine remorse, restitution he or she has made, and cooperation with the Government.

To show the Judge that your client has positive attributes, has made contributions to his community, and has future potential to again be a productive member of society.

“Often, when facing a defendant, a little voice in my head wants to ask him, ‘what was going through your mind that made you do this to your life’?”

-U.S. Federal Judge – Central Florida.

“90 % of what I see about a defendant is negative. Why wouldn’t a defense attorney want to present me with a positive picture of his client?”

-U.S. Federal Judge – Southern Florida.

Sentencing Mitigation Videos are our main focus, we are the country’s foremost experts in the field. Our success rate is 98%.

SETTLEMENT VIDEOS – The Life That Could Have Been

Settlement Videos are very successful in Personal Injury Cases.

We take the already powerful settlement videos and add to it, raising the bar and asking the question; ” What about the life that Could Have Been, had not the claimant been injured or killed?”


If the 28-year-old victim had not been killed by the drunk driver, would he have continued on the successful career path he had established? Would he have been sent to Business School by his appreciative employer? Employers interviewed say they were planning to promote him to sales manager. How far could he have gone?

The Goal:
To show insurance companies and defendants’ attorneys the quality of
both the Quality of life that has been taken from the victim, and the Potential of the life the victim could have had.


The newest tool in criminal legal defense tool box: charging or disposition persuasion videos.  These videos focus on your client’s degree of culpability, physical and mental health issues, efforts your client has made to change his life, steps your client has taken to cooperate with law enforcement. All aspects brought to the prosecutor’s visual attention before formal charges are filed and your client’s life is drastically altered.

The Goal:

To lessen your client’s exposure to criminal charges, or to have the charges dropped altogether. Our videos show the Prosecutor reasons why lesser charges might be in order or, your client should not charged.


The latest in the ‘Letter Wish’, a Video Will that allows you to script your own personal and private message to your heirs This way there can be no question,  no debate about your intentions for allocating care for your pets,
distributing possessions and prized personal effects.​​

​With The Last Word Video, anyone considering contesting your will or questioning your intentions sees that you were of sound mind, that you clearly and definitively want to make your wishes known.

Commercials and Professional Web Videos For Your Site

We promote your legal practice with a customized video or commercial for use on your website or for broadcast, a commercial video that makes your practice stand out.