What We Do

Sentencing Mitigation Videos

We at Legal Video Concepts are the experts in creating Sentencing Mitigation Videos. A strategy that defense attorneys are using to get reduced sentences for their clients. The submission of a sentencing mitigation video is one of the most effective ways to show the Judge the positive aspects of your client’s life story, to achieve a downward reduction in their sentence.

Our goal is to show the Judge that your client is a real human being, not just a Sentencing Guidelines number.

Every Client has a story. We are story tellers, we know that the one who tells the best story wins. Our mission is to tell that story in a way that is compelling and truthful..We look at each case as a new opportunity to tell that person’s story, and to show the viewer the real person, not just the printed words.

To bring your client’s story to life in the most compelling way in order to achieve a lessened sentence for each case.

While Sentencing Mitigation Videos are our specialty we can also help you with:

Settlement Videos • The Life That Could have Been
When your client has been injured or killed and lives have been adversely affected, we tell the story of what happened and how those lives have been forever changed. Here’s where Legal Video Concepts raises the bar; we tell the story of the life that could have been.

Charging Persuasion Videos
Our videos show the Prosecutor why your client should not be charged BEFORE they are indicted. There are cases where it is possible to show Prosecutors various mitigating circumstances surrounding your client – circumstances which could affect the Prosecution’s decision regarding your client’s degree of culpability, as well as physical or mental conditions, efforts the client has made to change his life, steps that client has taken to cooperate with Law Enforcement.

The Last Word Videos
The latest in the ‘Letter Wish’, a Video Will that allows you to script your own personal and private message to your heirs. This way there can be no question, no debate about your intentions for allocating care for your pets,
distributing possessions and prized personal effects.

Commercials and Professional Web Videos For Your Site
We can help promote your legal practice with a customized video or commercial for use on your website or for broadcast, a commercial video that makes your practice stand out.